NEW! Frankie & The Pool Boys "The Adventures of Cap’n Coconuts" CD


Frankie & Pool Boys' second full length album on the Double Crown Records, featuring guest appearances by members of The Surf Coasters, The Exotics, Tikiyaki Orchestra, The Deadbeats, Pollo Del Mar. Insect Surfer David Arnson works his signature mojo on “Rattler Ranch” and the man responsible for the surf revival, John Blair of Jon & The Nightriders trades leads on “Cat Fight”.

1. Cap'n Coconuts TV Theme
2. Skinny Dippin'
3. Ripley In Love
4. Cat Fight
5. The Golden State
6. Manx!
7. Sundial Suite
8. Tic Toc
9. Dead Man Surfin
10. Paniolo
11. Organic Matters
12. Rattler Ranch
13. Surfacing
14. Monkey Pod

See Frankie & The Pool Boys at Surfer Joe Summer Festival, Surf Guitar 10 Convention & Asbury Park Surf Music Festival 2018!

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