NEW! Frankie & The Pool Boys "Spin the Bottle" CD


Frankie & Pool Boys' third full length album on the Double Crown Records, featuring 20 songs! Produced by Dusty Watson with artwork by the great Fred Lammers!

See Frankie & The Pool Boys at Surfer Joe Summer Festival & Asbury Park Surf Music Festival 2018!

1. Seafoam Angels
2. Poser
3. Smoke Jumper
4. Spin The Bottle
5. El Valenciano
6. Magic River
7. The Wet Season
8. Summer Cold
9. Fast Loud Hard
10. Hang 'em High
11. Tan Line Fever
12. Kill Devil Club
13. Prayer Wheel
14. San Quixote
15. Raise Hell
16. Pool Boy Stomp
17. Spin the Bottle (Vocal Bonus Track)
18. Summer Cold (Vocal Bonus Track)
19. Fast Loud Hard (Vocal Bonus Track)
20. Pool Boy Blues (Vocal Bonus Track)

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